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In order to make the best use of the advantages, online educators need to keep in mind that active learning is one of the keys to success in the online classroom. Educators need to employ new techniques and technologies to ensure that their courses make the best of the online medium. The learning management system used in all our online courses, Blackboard, provides a solid framework to do this; additionally, we have a team of instructional designers who work with each educator to ensure that course content is effectively delivered online.

Why to Become an Online Educator ?

Virtual education is great because it teaches students to be precise and to answer questions directly because they don't have a teacher standing in front of them. In that way, online learning is great at enabling kids to help themselves.

Online teaching provides educators with greater flexibility to address varying learning styles and use different technologies. They can teach from the comfort of their own homes and do not need to be at a specific place at a specific time to teach or to interact with their students.

What are the Benefits of an Online Educator

  1. Hassle-Free Earning
  2. Time and Location Flexibility: There s no time wastage, unlike traditional classroom teaching where a teacher has to travel all the way to a coaching center/institute for taking classes.
  3. Convenience: Online teaching doesn’t require any traveling overhead. A teacher can teach right while sitting at his/her home. Online teaching could thus be perceived as a work from home with flexible schedules
  4. More Teaching Opportunities: An education medium without any time and location constraints obviously paves the way significantly more opportunities for the teachers, as compared to the traditional classroom teaching.
  5. Better Organization: Another major benefit of teaching online is that everything is well organized, avoiding any mismanagement.
  6. Diverse Teaching Experiences: The online medium of teaching gives a teacher an opportunity and experience to connect with students from different disciplines, backgrounds, and cultures.
  7. Student Engagement: Unlike the interaction in a classroom of numerous students, an online medium provides them with a more close one-on-one session.
  8. Easier Access and Sharing of Information: It s obvious that any study resource or information in digital format is very easy to be accessed and shared.
  9. Increased student learning: According to a recent survey conducted on a group of online instructors, 90% of them have reported that teaching online helps them to stay more connected with the students and also gives them the ability to have a better understanding of every student.
  10. Professional Satisfaction: Since online education has brought a revolution in the education industry, being a part of it could be a great benefit to every teacher.
  1.  Apply as a Teacher: Apply by filling in a simple form.
  2. Initial Screening: Our experts will screen the best profiles.
  3. Teaching Demo: Pick a topic of your choice and give a teaching demo to our experts.
  4. Teacher Training: Once selected, documentation and profile creation will be done, followed by training and induction webinar.
  5. First Online Session: Once you attend the webinar, you will be listed as a teacher and will get your first online session in no time.

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