Teacher Training Program-Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course

These are the benefits of Vedic Maths: It helps a person to solve mathematical problems many times faster. It helps in making intelligent decisions to both simple and complex problems. It reduces the burden of memorizing difficult concepts.

You can start Vedic Maths classes from home

If you have space to accommodate around 10-12 children, you can start classes at your home. This is the most economical way to get started. You can get 10-12 students easily from your neighbourhood once they get to know that you teach Vedic Maths.

You can open a Training Center

If you are not interested in teaching at home, you may hire a space on weekly basis in existing coaching institute, play school, etc. and start teaching. At such places, you would be able to accommodate more students.

You can start taking home tuitions for Vedic Maths

Many parents prefer to get their kids taught at home as they want more personalized services. And there are some parents who do not want to travel. Home tuition f fetches a good hourly rate as it is not so easily available.

Since, only one weekly class of 1 hour is given, one can easily teach 15 children on weekdays (if 3 children per day are taught and 5 days in a week are invested). Hence, by giving personalized coaching, you may earn handsome money. Class is conducted for 2 hours in centers because the number of students are more but one hour is sufficient if the number of students are 1 to 3 in case of home tuition.

Job as a Vedic Maths trainer at institutes, schools, etc.

Nowadays, many schools have started teaching Vedic Maths. So, if you are interested in getting a job, you can easily find a job in any school or educational institute near you.

Addition of Vedic Maths a an additional subject in your existing coaching center

If you are already running a coaching center, you already have invested in infrastructure and paying monthly fixed expenses, you can add Vedic Maths to your curriculum easily without extra expenses. You can utilize your space on Sundays or Saturdays since these classes are conducted only on weekends, it will only add to your income.

Additional Benefits

Teach your own child

Besides other advantages, this is one of the biggest advantage. Once you have completed this course, you would be able to teach your own child more effectively than anyone else. You would be available for your child any time he or she faces a problem while learning.

Source of regular income for a longer period of time

Duration of the course for students is 1 year unlike other hobby courses (such as handwriting, speed writing, art and craft, etc.) which are of very short duration. So, once a student enrols for this course, he/she will not leave you before completing the course.

Fast growth rate

Another good thing regarding this course is that children start performing mental calculation in the very first month itself which amazes their parents a lot. Such parents cannot stop themselves from praising their children in front of friends, relatives and neighbours. So this course gets recommendations very fast. Such thing does not happen in any other subject. Gradually, student base keeps on growing through word of mouth.

Less Labour & Hard work involved

Unlike other subjects like, English, Maths, Science, etc. which demand a lot of hard work from the teacher, coaching of vedic maths does not require that much hard work since the classes are conducted on weekly basis. Hence all other days are free for you which helps you to maintain work and family balance along with extra income.

Reputable and fulfilling profession

Teaching is a reputable profession. By teaching vedic maths to students, you help them become more focused, sharp and confident. Changes are visible in the very first month itself. When you see that children are doing mental calculations in just a small period, you get a feeling of fulfilment and achievement which gives greater joy than the joy of earning money.

Be your own boss

By becoming a trainer, you get an opportunity to start your own business and run your own center. You may grow your students base as large as you can and earn as much as you can. All decisions would be yours.

Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course

Multiplication with series of 1,Multiplication with series of 9 and Squaring numbers ending in 5
Criss-cross Multiplication,Nikhilam Sutra/Base Method and Vinculum
Devinculum,Cube Root ,Remember 100 Years Calendar in 5 Minutes! and World’s Fastest Division Technique
Digit Sum Method ,Square Root Of Any Number in 2 seconds and Magic Squares.
Mental Subtraction and Addition,Simultaneous Linear Equations! and Base Method of Squaring
Geometry Secret of Pythagoras Theorem,Algebra Technique and Fractions
Simple and Compound Interest,Time and Work and Time, Distance and Speed
Averages and Alligations ,Trains, Poles and Platforms,Profit and Loss and HCF and LCM

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